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Our mission is to identify economic issues and conditions facing the State of New Jersey, evaluate the causes and propose innovative, cost-effective ways to resolve them. In short, a fiscally responsible “think tank” devoted solely to New Jersey!

For over two (2) decades, New Jersey’s politicians have created more and more government entitlement, regulatory and oversight programs – most of which were created to gain favor with constituent bases and to ensure re-election. The result has been runaway spending and borrowing to cover the expenditures. In addition, we are burdened with excessive regulations that have increased our cost of living, eliminated thousands of jobs and driven businesses out of the state.

Fiscal Fact:

All people really want is a safe, clean and affordable place to live, work and raise a family.

Somewhere along the way, this has been forgotten.

The New Jersey Budget is now $30 billion per year and our debt is another $35 billion! For all of that money, look at where we are:

  • New Jersey has one of the highest debt levels in the nation.
  • New Jersey is no longer affordable to anyone.
  • New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation.
  • New Jersey businesses are over-regulated.
  • New Jersey residents and businesses are over-taxed.

Let’s face it – New Jersey is BROKE!

“The greater part of the new ventures undertaken by government …

have failed to achieve their objectives.”

–  Milton Friedman

Solutions for New Jersey believes that:

The politics and programs of the past did not solve New Jersey’s problems.  They caused them!  For New Jersey to move forward as a prosperous, fiscally sound state it will require new and innovative ideas that are based on fiscal responsibility, the free market and personal liberty. Politicians must recognize that more money is not the answer. It is time to have an open, honest and non-partisan discussion of the issues.

Solutions for New Jersey, independent of politics and bureaucracy, will identify and evaluate New Jersey’s problems and propose resourceful solutions.

New Jersey does not need more problems. What New Jersey needs is: ” Solutions ! “

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